Prosper Employment...
Our strengths are measured by our weaknesses….

Prosper Operators, Inc. believes that the core of customer satisfaction will ultimately rely on the quality of its people. We are a people-centric based organization where our people are continually encouraged, motivated and conditioned to achieve optimal performance in both personal and professional levels of growth. This in turn serves to strengthen both POI and client’s overall workforce integrity and performance base.

Our success has always been measured by our ability to satisfy our customer’s needs and frequently exceed their expectations. By investing in its people and maintaining a strong highly trained employee base, POI will ensure that its customers are apprised of the best professional and support personnel available to industry. At POI our culture is informal and family based by nature and we strive to always have an “open door policy” for both employee and customer….. “That’s just good business”!

If you are interested in learning more about Prosper Operators, Inc. come by and see us, the door is always open. Come join a team with Prosper. Click Here For An Application - Submit completed application by email or fax at (337) 267-7262

  • Production Supervisors
  • Shore base dispatchers
  • Foremen
  • Shore base riggers and roustabouts
  • Assistant Foremen
  • On-site Security
  • Lease Operators
  • Shore base crane operators
  • Roustabouts
  • Helicopter Landing Officers (HLO)
  • Crane Operators
  • Aviation Facility Maintenance Mechanics
  • Aviation Administrative Personnel
  • I&E Technicians
  • Aviation Baggage & Cargo Handling
  • Electricians
  • Aviation Facility Dispatching
  • Compliance
  • Aviation Ground Support
  • Clerks
  • Administrative Personnel
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